JVC SR-V101US S-VHS Recorder and Player

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  • 2 Hi-Fi audio tracks, 1 linear track
  • 12-pin JVC bus connector
  • Use w/RM-G800U as source or record deck in editing system
  • Prevent undesired operation simply by pressing the remote control’s power button for more than 10 seconds to disable all operation keys
  • Preferential-User Function Lock

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With more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution,Super VHS gives you a picture that’s the ideal complement for high-quality DVDs and digital TV.Sixty percent better than ordinary video, Super VHS’s high resolution is just what you need to record high quality programs or edit original camcorder footage. Super VHS is also ideal for creating master tapes,and since resolution remains high even in EP, high quality extended-time recording is also possible (SVHS-ET). JVC’s breakthrough Super VHS ET (Expansion Technology) eliminates the need to use exclusive, hard-to-find tapes for Super VHS recording. Now you can record high-resolution Super VHS signals on the ordinary VHS tapes you can find in any store. Record Safety Lock – Recording is possible on tapes with no erasure prevention tabs. Time Base Corrector (TBC) – Jitter and other image artifacts are automatically corrected, ensuring stable playback pictures Analog NTSC compatible

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