Kata KT PL-S-261 Pro-Light Source-261 Backpack

Affordable Kata KT PL-S-261 Pro-Light Source-261 Backpack

  • Elements Cover: The provided elements cover will protect your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions. Simply install over the bag on the black side for rain protection, the silver side for heat deflection, or use as a dust cover
  • On Board: This bag complies with most airline regulations for carry-on luggage. Due to ever changing carry-on requirements please check with your airline carrier prior to departure
  • Laptop Compartment: This bag features a padded laptop compartment which will allow you to always have your computer at hand and easily accessible. Please check the Kata bag Chooser for compatible laptop models
  • Tripod Holder: The Kata tripod holder allows you never to leave your important tripod behind. Simply attach to the designated clips on the bag and put two legs of the tripod in the sling to comfortably carry your tripod along with you wherever your shot may be
  • Camera Strap: This feature allows you when carrying a Kata backpack to take the weight of your camera off your neck by attaching your camera to the straps of the backpack. Your torso carries the weight of the camera instead of your neck making for a much more comfortable shooting experience

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The Pro-Light Source-261 PL is a backpack designed specifically for a Video DSLR kitted up with Video production gear and accessories. Specially formed foam encased spring steel Spine Guard runs down the front of the bag for ultimate structural protection. Light yet durable RipStop fabrics & meshes, Aeriform foams and Spider Webbing straps all join together to create a protective and light backpack, and the fantastic modularity allows you to make it even lighter by simply removing components that are not necessary for your everyday work. The large middle compartment fits your working VDSLR connected to a stabilizing system, a large padded pocket on the flap provides convenient storage and the modular Aeriform Dividers will fit anywhere you like in the remaining space and hold accessories you need often or even an additional DSLR body. Two spacious storage areas open up along the sides and are partitioned to comfortably organize additional lenses and accessories. Flat side pockets and one front organizer compartment will store accessories or personal effects you need close at hand and additional storage space is available in the large full length rear laptop slot which will fit most 17″ laptops. The tripod sling can be attached to either the front or the side of the backpack for easy carrying. A double-sided Elements Cover for protection in all weather and environment conditions come rain or sunshine. The Aeriform camera strap is light, flexible and airy and can be used individually or interconnected to the two designated loops on the backpack harness thus providing frontal carrying for your camera by using your shoulders instead of having an additional strap around your neck.

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